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Vale Escala Jerez 21/11/87 - 20/11/08


Yalkin Horses are proving popular and have sold well to great homes.

To be sure of owning one of the Yalkin horses, why not take up the future foal offer, with the mare of your choice?

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YALKIN MELOSA - Azteca filly. Bay. Australis Romanzo/Am I Not Pretty Enough (QH Paint). Mature 15.1hh, very smart pretty filly. Will be a great all rounder or polocrosse mount. $4000.

YALKIN RAMIRO - Pure Spanish colt. Grey. Australis Romanzo/Descarado Noella. Mature 16.1hh, just as nice as his full sister Yalkin Alegria (sold) and half brother Yalkin Caballo (retained at Yalkin). Excellent temperament, will suit an Andalusian lover for dressage or jumping. $6000.


ARDIELS RAINERIO - Pure Andalusian Gelding rising 3. Mature 15.2hh. By Romerito out of Josepha. Rio is Australis Romanzo's half brother and very much alike. He was bought my a new Andalusian lover and will remain in SA.

Bluevale Windchime - Sold in foal to Australis Romanzo SA breeder. She is looking forward to showing Chime in dilutes classes & the arrival of her partbred foal.

YALKIN CHARRO- First Cross Colt. Sold to South Australian Andalusian lover & dressage enthusiast. She has always loved buckskins & has found the perfect combination of colour & Andalusian breeding.


YALKIN RAFAEL - First Cross Colt. Sold to SA horse owner who is tired of trying to keep thoroughbreds sound. The Andalusian TB cross should fit the bill with athleticism & durability!


YALKIN ALEGRIA - Pure Andalusian/PRE Filly. Sold to partbred Andalusian owner (Yalkin Benito) who has been longing to add an "upgrade" of Pure Andalusian/PRE to her stable for riding & breeding.


Yalkin Candelita. Bay 1st Cross Andalusian weanling Filly by Australis Romanzo. Destined for dressage with her new owner in South Australia. Her owner is a new Andalusian admirer.


Yalkin Benito. Brown 1st Cross Andalusian yearling gelding by Escala Jerez. Destined for dressage and show jumping with his new owner in South Australia. His owner is a new Andalusian admirer.


Yalkin Perez - Bay Australian Andalusian yearling gelding by Escala Jerez. Sold to a long time Andalusian lover from South Australia. He will be her new riding horse.


Yalkin Allita - Greying 2st cross weanling filly by Australis Romanzo. Show hunter quality with personality. Real show ring presence but quiet & easy to handle. Sold to an Andalusian lover from South Australia who will be presenting Lily in the showring in the future.


Yalkin Cerveza - Chestnut 1st cross yearling filly by Australis Romanzo. Sold to local horse lover. Cerveza will be an all round family mount after training & growing.


Australis X'quisetta - Bay 2nd Cross Andalusian mare, niece of Australis Romanzo. Sold to South Australian rider. You will see them doing well at Andalusian shows from now on.






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