Yalkin Spanish Horses

Vale Escala Jerez 21/11/87 - 20/11/08

The Andalusian horse, introduced to Australia in 1971, has been bred for centuries in Spain as a quality and stylish riding horse. After this lengthy breeding selection process the Andalusian is now valued for its' trainability, temperament, beauty, strength and vitality. The studbook in Australia has been managed since the introduction of the breed by the Andalusian Horse Association of Australasia (AHAA) and all horses, Pure Andalusian & Partbred, have been registered in its' books since 1971. More recently owners of pure Andalusians have had the opportunity to have their horses assessed for inclusion back into the studbooks held in Spain. These horses can be identified, along with many who have been imported recently, as Pura Raza Espanola (P.R.E.), meaning Pure Spanish Blood.
Heard Andalusians are an expensive horse to buy? These horses are so suited to almost any equestrian activity, from Pony Club to dressage, show jumping to endurance, they are trainable, safe, reliable and cheap to run. Yalkin Stud is working hard to enable more riders to experience the pure enjoyment of owning an Andalusian by breeding and selling Pure & Partbreds, and standing the versatile Andalusian stallion Australis Romanzo (AHAA & P.R.E. registered) at affordable prices.

Yalkin Spanish Horses is at Monarto, between Mount Barker & Murray Bridge. It is an area with a mediterrenean climate very similar to southern Spain.

YSH is the home of Australis Romanzo. The owner is Tiffany Ayres, whose interest in the breed started whilst living in Perth as a horse mad but horse-less schoolgirl. It was her dream to own a horse and following her first visit to El Caballo Blanco, the original home of the Spanish Andalusian horses in Australia, she knew what she wanted. A bay Andalusian Stallion.
Many years later the dream started to become reality when she bred Yalkin Rialto. A bay half Andalusian gelding, not quite the full dream, but close, was to become a Tiffany's talented partner for all her equestrian interests - competition dressage, classical dressage, Doma Vaquera, hacking, show jumping, cross country, stock work, elegance in side saddle, on a lead or under saddle in breed classes or a pleasure ride through the countryside, from flag bearer at the annual El Rocio Festival, solo or as a group performer in displays and street parades, Rialto did it with style. His versatility, beauty, trainability and temperament were a credit to his breeding.
In 1998 Tiffany finally fulfilled her ultimate dream, she purchased a young bay colt - Australis Romanzo. As with Rialto the Spanish heritage and breed characteristics of the Andalusian horse have been respected and preserved in the riding and training methods used in the education of this magic horse.



BORN 17/10/09. Standing 15.3hh at 22 months.

Escala Jerez (PRE) / Descarado Noella (PRE)


Updated 06.03.13


Yalkin Spanish Horses breeds both pure & partbred Andalsuian horses with our own small herd of mares, as well as accepting selected outside mares. (Service Agreement)

YSH Future Foal purchase

If you don't have a suitable mare or if you do not want to interrupt you riding schedule, you can be a YSH Future Foal purchaser. Simply choose which of the YSH mare will suit your needs (& dreams) and once she is positive preg tested you just pay a set fee per calendar month of the gestation and first six months until the foal is weaned, plus any vet fees related to the pregnancy, foaling or foal, and once weaning is complete you can take delivery of YOUR HORSE! For full terms & conditions please CLICK HERE. (Mares stay at YSH)

ANDALUSIAN - The Sporthorse with STYLE!




Yalkin Spanish Horses

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